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About Us

We began in 2008 with the objective of supporting companies with ambitions in the Internet of Things and Service Business development area.

All experts at Balder Consulting have long experience from line positions in the customer services/aftermarket area. More and more companies are linking their service function to their Internet of Things initiative and that also happened to us in our line careers in the security, telecom and IT industry.

We are networking with many service managers and IoT program managers, mainly in manufacturing and installation companies. Today, we observe that almost all technical companies have established ambitions / initiatives / projects in the Internet of Things and their service functions are often very closely linked to this effort. At the same time service operational excellence and service growth require focus and sometimes the strategic bandwidth, in-house expertise and resource is saturated.

Our expert areas are:

Our Customers leverage on our knowledge and experience whether they want to manage their way forward themselves and just need some support in some specific areas or are interested to get our support in reaching a guaranteed result.

We are passionate about step-by-step development, where each step delivers financial impact. We also like to drive improvements from programs, which are loaded with overall targets and consolidate all initiatives supporting the journey towards set objectives.

Business driven Internet of Things development

For Customers who want to have a guaranteed Internet of Things result within a certain time span we are providing:

For Customers who want to manage Internet of Things development themselves we offer:

Service business growth by selling more

For Customers who are focused on results and wants to have a guaranteed Service business growth within a certain time span we are providing:

For Customers who want to manage Service business growth themselves we offer:

Attachment offering, technician sales and activation of other service sales channels can all be offered as guaranteed assignments.

Implementation in large, matrix organisations

For Customers who are focused on results and planning for a major change (or are in the middle of the change) we can provide with an guarantee:

For Customers who wants to manage or continue managing their service implementation themselves we can provide:

Balder Consulting’s core values are:

Business Orientation
We focus on our customer’s overall business aspects and guarantee significant business impact
We go the extra mile to make sure we deliver the highest quality service, on time
Our solutions are based on verified best practices

We focus on:

Manufacturing companies
Installation companies

Delivery capability:

We have built a strong network of expert companies with different capabilities if needed

We have also joined forces with a number of important IT vendors who provide solutions that focus on developing service businesses .

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