"We support Customers avoiding risks when improving"

“For each cent You pay us You will make another dollar”


What about guaranteed results?

If resources are not available and you have to wait to start an initiative, results will be delayed. An alternative for you is to order a result guaranteed assignment from us. You will get result years faster and we will be paid by a fraction of your improvement.

Another scenario is that you do not have enough experience from similar projects in-house and an alternative to running a trial-and-error project is to order a result guarantee from us.

In both cases there will be a financial gap between your in-house approach and the results from the faster project that we will manage. This gap pays for our services AND delivers better results for you.

How does it practically work?

This is the way we typically perform a guaranteed result assignment: We execute a pre-study (takes about a month) and the pre-study delivers our recommendation on how to proceed. At that point, we can provide you with a guaranteed result proposal where we suggest an assignment to manage the way to the result. This proposal will state how we are paid according to our mutually agreed metrics.

Sometimes finding optimal metrics can be difficult, but we are flexible because we know that the potential improvement is big. Sometimes a customer orders our services as a fixed fee instead of performance pricing, because they feel that there is a substantial risk of paying us “too much”. We do not mind. For us the important thing is that customers leverage our knowledge and achieve better results faster.


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