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Grow your service business by providing service offerings that maximise your customer’s value creation

The service portfolio, containing all the service offerings, is the hub of the service business. It guides the service sales and delivery organisation how to sell and deliver. The ability to align the “features” of the service portfolio to Customers make/buy strategies, competitors strength and weaknesses and different service sales channels capabilities is key. Many companies are losing revenue because they do not optimize their service portfolio.

If your service portfolio, holding all your service offerings, is smartly structured and designed it increase your competitiveness in the market and it provides optimal support to the service sales people and the service delivery people in the front line service units. It is the tool for you to leverage on your size, to explore synergies between service units and rightly maintained it will increase the agility of the service business. This is the key enabler for increased growth and efficient, high quality delivery.

The service portfolio, which contains all the company’s service offerings, is the hub of the service business. It is guided by company strategy and the wanted position, and it determines competitiveness in the market place.

We have been portfolio managers ourselves and have carried out a number of portfolio development assignments for manufacturing, installation and construction companies. Whether your ambition is to add new services to the service portfolio or to improve the whole portfolio, we have consolidated and refined some key success factors that are helping our customers today>>

What kind of risks are you facing when managing your portfolio? We have listed some of them, taken from real life examples:

These probable risks leads to significant delays or limited results representing lost, irrecoverable revenue.

If your ambition is to define your first company-wide portfolio, update your existing portfolio, or add new service offerings, you need to consider whether or not you have:

  1. prior experience from similar initiatives in-house
  2. in-house resources available
  3. the right preconditions set to enable your success

If you have these three things, we recommend that you drive the initiative based on your internal resources.

If not, and if you believe that you could benefit from our collective experience of previous projects when developing your optimal service portfolio, please contact us. We can help mitigate the risks that result in lost revenue, to a cost being a fraction.

Our goal is your success.

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