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Service Business Growth in Service Companies


The service companies we meet have field service organisations performing their services. Their core business is services and, when they are successful, they build up expertise in many different locations.

Service offerings are created to support the different customer segments in the best possible way. When the company grows, service delivery starts to be industrialised.
Industrialised service companies have defined best-practice ways of delivering services that guide in detail how services are delivered. Ordinarily, marketing and sales are still more local-type activities that every unit has to organise by themselves.
Service companies are very often divided among a number of geographical areas, where each area is profit and loss responsible and rather self-sufficient regarding how it markets and sells the services.

Business development

The service portfolio normally includes a number of different offerings – large, more complex, customised and small standardised offerings – which are supposed to be sold in high numbers.

The growth of the service company, which is very much determined by sales, is dependent on the proactive sale of strong, competitive offerings by dedicated sales people and the delivery organisation.

The definition of the offering, the sales organisation’s set-up and the support given to that organisation will make the difference. Sometimes it is a challenge to leverage the existing interaction between delivery people and customers, to find the right offering and to have it sold, to measure results and continuously improve.

As a manager in a service company, if you want to grow your service business by improving your service offering and/or way of selling services, we recommend that you analyse whether or not you have:

If any of these criteria are not met, you may risk drastically delaying the project and not achieving even close to what you expected in revenue increase because of a poor solution or a poorly implemented solution.

Adding experiencies and resources?

This will cause what we call “lost revenue”. That is, the expected revenue increase does not materialise.

Balder Consulting helps service managers create the right conditions and has experience of this type of project. In fact, it is the only thing we do. Therefore, we can help you minimise risk and lost revenue and our fee will be only a fraction of the improvement in lost revenue.

We want you to be successful.

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