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The Core Team

Each member of Balder Consulting’s core team has a different profile but our common denominator is that we are passionate about the Internet of Things and service business and about supporting our customers in these areas. We are all senior consultant with long line experience in service business development and achieve maximum leverage from connected products and solutions.

My name is Lennart Neujd and I have a Master’s degree in Electronics. I’m the founder and CEO of Balder Consulting. My business idea came to me after 25 years of working in headquarter business development in Securitas and then Ericsson Services.

I have been developing service businesses all my life. The customer service business typically represents a strong business opportunity but it is rather difficult in a large, matrix organisation to understand and execute the way forward in exploring opportunities. In other words, a perfect area for a specialised knowledge company.

From my HQ roles, I have managed a number of company-wide changes in the way of working in service organisations, both at Securitas and Ericsson, and I have discovered and developed mitigations for the risks in these types of projects.

I have spent many years responsible for service portfolio management both at Securitas and Ericsson and gathered valuable experience in how to develop company-wide service offerings and how to setup service R&D.

More and more of our customers are focusing on their ambitions in the Internet of Things area and my latest role at Ericsson as the company-wide programme manager for IoT and a number of assignments in the area have provided me with valuable experience for Balder’s customers.

Finally, representing company-wide services at Ericsson’s software business initiative, I was able to gather valuable knowledge in the transformation “from product to software” business.

I’m a sports freak. Like to swim in open water, ride my bike, play golf and tennis and I love walking with my dog in the forest.

Here is my formal CV: Lennart's CV

I’m Ola Radon. I have 25 years of experience in the service departments of HP and Oracle. I have held most roles in those service organisations, from technician and director to service sales rep., service sales manager, delivery manager and business developer.

My passion is service and customers.
I was actively part of the global design of the transformations both companies went through and implemented all global formats in those transformations. I learned how to motivate my local employees to handle and appreciate these major changes and how important it is to help them to keep the faith up in those worrying times of change.

From my service sales experiences, I have designed local and global offers and sold them successfully. I’ve empowered technicians to sell, helping them go from insecurity to joy, and I’ve dealt with the balancing act of compensation and the need of coaching – successfully. All of this in close cooperation with customers.

From an Internet of Things perspective, I almost grew up with it. At HP we begun connecting to our customers’ computer systems already in 1984 to perform services remotely and soon thereafter we began to retrieve operational information to predictively foresee breakdowns before they happened. Since then, remote capabilities have always been a given and I have developed remote services in a “one-to-one” concept and lot of services based on our gained knowledge from the operational information (Big Data) from many customers.

On a personal level, I enjoy the forest mushroom picking, exercising by bicycling or in the gym and training youngsters in gymnastics.

My formal CV: Ola's CV

Walter Krämbring My name is Walter Krämbring. I have a Master’s of Science degree and 35 years of experience in various positions with major industrial and consultancy companies. During the years I have held many roles, from technical consultant & advisor and head of R&D to global product manager with extensive international experience (more than 15 years). I have also been part of strategic acquisitions with various employers.

My passion is to find innovative ways and new thinking to increase customer value. One of my specialties is coming up with new angels of opportunities and smart solutions, even when things do not work perfectly well from scratch. I have had several opportunities to practice this while managing crisis projects over the years.

I am, of course, thrilled and excited by IoT (Internet of Things) and what it can lead to and what business opportunities and new customer services we have ahead of us.

As a software and solution architect, my role is to advise in Make or Buy strategies; selecting standards and technologies when specifying and developing IoT solutions to find the best way forward. My experience specifically covers larger solutions to support monitoring of events and alarms, proactive maintenance and lifecycle management (time in operation).

Sports and competition have always been a key element in my personal life. When young, I was a free-style swimmer and then moved into the martial art, practicing karate (Kyokushin) for many years. Later in life tennis became my passion. Nowadays, I regularly compete on a regional senior level.

My formal CV: Walter's CV

Myra Beckman is my name and I hold an MBA. I am also a certified project manager, PMP, and I have over 10 years of experience from working as a programme manager, using the PMI standard for programme management.

During the years I have held positions in finance, service management and ICT consultancy. I have spent significant time either working abroad or working in global companies.

For the last 15 years, I have worked with global transformation of service organisations with a focus on building and aligning global capabilities. I hold a certificate on ITIL foundation, P-CMM (People Capability Maturity Model) and EFQM excellence model. EFQM is a management system approach from Brussels. I look for the leadership that forms agile and adaptive organisations.

During the years I have founded 6 companies and I now work as a business coach for small to medium sized growth companies. The methodology I use is the To Grow coaching model. I find this very rewarding as it keeps me on top of where new business is created.

My formal CV: Myras's CV

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