"We support Customers avoiding risks when improving"

Is your service delivery an un-explored, big growth, win-win opportunity?

Your Customers’ opportunity

Customers buy expensive specialists, service engineers, to do advanced things they can’t do themselves. The Customers know that these experts know much more about the equipment than they do themselves. So, advice from service engineers are respected, appreciated and expected.

Example: When you hand in your car to the workshop for maintenance, in 4 times out of 5, they will call you and tell you that something needs to be fixed and ask you if you want them to do it. How often do you say “No”? You expect them to do that, it is part of their delivery. And if your car breaks down just after a service, you will be very frustrated.

We know of many Companies, in different industries, that have changed their service provider just because they did not get those kinds of advice. They say, “I should not tell them what needs to be done, they should tell me, they are the experts”.

So, it is a very important part of service delivery and will drive Customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Your opportunity

This is a very big opportunity needing no initial investments or new hires, it is “just” to change the way of working.

Addressing it successfully by creating both a lead generation process (for bigger deals), a technician add-on sales process (for smaller deals) and successfully implementing it will generate additional service and product business in the range of 60-1000K Euro per proactive technician and year. The big variance comes from the differences in industries and equipment/spare part prices. The more advanced and expensive the equipment is, the more can be sold. The changes for the technician are minor and can explained in an hour. 10% of your techs are already doing it today without support – it is all about getting 90-100% to do it.

However, there is a big challenge in driving this change. This is a true and complex change management project with many pit-falls, needing dedicated resources and persistence to get it done. Many, well-known companies have tried for many years and failed, some have succeeded.

We have good experience in making this successful in shortest possible time. We have done it ourselves in our line-careers and assisted our customers in getting it done, resulting in more and more knowledge in what to do and what not to do.

No Risk: In these kind of assignments, we can gladly offer a performance based charge, where we only get paid on a fraction of your added results, just for the duration of our project. You will benefit from this sustained change for the next 10-20 years.

The way we do it requires minimal efforts from your people and at the end we hand over a fully operational, manageable process.

Why wait?




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