"We support Customers avoiding risks when improving"

Are You growing your Customer service /aftermarket business? Do You think it can grow faster?

We support our Customers to leverage on:

If You are more focused on results, we are able to guarantee improvements where you only pay if results are achieved. If you want to manage the improvement initiative, we can support you avoid risks by sharing our knowledge

We have lifetime of experience with service offering development and service sales. We know how to tailor the most efficient service sales operation for you based on solution sales reps selling services, technicians providing proactive service delivery and dedicated service sales selling complex contracts. This allows us guarantee you service business growth

… or if you want to manage service sales improvement yourself, we are delighted to share our knowledge with you for faster and bigger growth.

Service Business growth

Capitalize on your solution sales force and your service delivery organisation to double your service business.

Faster and Better results

Implement several initiatives in parallel in all units simultaneously for faster results with reduced risks.

We have managed a number of companywide implementations and successfully conducted several change projects. We have consolidated and used what we believe is the best “implementation machine” for large service organisations. We know exactly how to tailor your specific “machine” so it can be used for years to come, turning the worry of implementation failure to something fun. We guarantee optimal results for your selected change initiative.

… or if you want to manage the implementation yourself, we are happy to share our knowledge with you to reduce risking limited financial impact.

We are hands-on IoT business experts. We design information and remote services, organisational changes and new ways of working. We capture and consolidate stakeholders’ data requirements. We have managed companywide development of IoT solutions and delivered many IoT assignments so we can guarantee the result of your next development step.

… or if you want to manage IoT business development yourself, we are thrilled to share our knowledge with you to reduce risking years of development and limited return.

Capitalize on connectivity

Take market share, become a better application expert than your customers and provide solutions that never break down.

(You may call the initiative the Internet of Things or Industrial Internet or Telematics or Telemetric or Remote Services or Big Data or Machine-to-Machine or Digitalization or …)



The improvement initiatives discussed on our website are all “once in a life-time” changes for most companies. There is no reason to spend time through “trial and error” developing the necessary expertise needed to become successful. Take advantage of our experience instead.

Marrying your industry expertise with our hands-on experience is good matchmaking. You successfully avoid many pitfalls and “trial & error” attempts.

Most of the challenges in these initiatives are industry independent, so our consolidated best practices, methods and models from many industries will help you cut years off reaching results.

Some Customer feedback:

Jiayu Zheng, Director Information management, Huawei: “...We decided to complement our in-house expertise with additional outside experience from similar projects, so we bought knowledge from Balder Consulting....Balder Consulting supported our way forward and ensured to keep the project lead time to a minimum and the quality of the solution in par with worlds best practice.”
Huawei is a global leader of Information and Communication Technology solutions

Lars Andersen, Vice President Business Development Health Care, Getinge Infection Control: “As an important step in the development of our service business we contracted Balder Consulting ...Their input was very valuable and supported our journey towards a top class service business.”
Getinge is a global medical technology company

Per Borgvall, CEO Gunnebo: "...Balder Consulting demonstrated strong business knowledge and represented a fast track for us executing business opportunities in the Customer Services area.”
The Gunnebo Security Group is a worldwide leader in security products, services and solutions.

Frank Helf, Global AfterMarket Director, ArjoHuntleigh: “...The management team wanted set the right ambition level and get recommendations on how to develop their aftermarket / service business and they decided to get an outside view on this from a company with insight in other industries. Balder Consulting was contracted ...I have used Balder Consulting’s great report as a guide for the way forward supporting me delivering result”
ArjoHuntleigh is a global medical technology company